Selected Discography


  • Clay Jenkins
  • Rings, K2B2-2669
  • Give & Gather, Kazu Unity Records
  • Yellow Flowers After, Chase Music
    Matters of Time, Jazz Compass
    Azure Eyes, Jazz Compass
  • Blues State
    Good Signs
  • Trio East
  • Stop Start
  • Best Bets, Origin
  • Clay Jenkins with "4"
  • 4
  • Kim Richmond/Clay Jenkins:
    Crossweave, Origin Records
    Range, Nine Winds: 172
    Look at the Time, Chase Music 8055
  • Joe LaBarbera Quintet:
    Live, Jazz Compass
  • Mark Time
  • Native Land
  • Silver Streams
  • John LaBarbera
  • On The Wild Side, JC 1007
  • Fantasm
  • Stan Kenton:
    Artistry in Symphonic Jazz, Rendezvous RED1111
    A Time for Love: The Final Chapter, Tantara TCD1112
    The Lost Concert, Vols. I & II, Gem Heritage Collection
  • Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra:
    The Groove Shop, Capri 74021-2
    Heart and Soul, Capri 74028-2
    Absolutely, Lake Street Records
    Explosive!, Qwest/Warner Records
    Shout It Out, Fables Records
  • Live At The Manchester Craftsman's Guild
  • Charles Aznavour, EMI
  • CHJO with Leon Russell
  • Diana Krall (with the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra)
  • From This Moment On, Verve
  • Christmas Songs, Verve
  • Bill Perkins:
    Our Man Woody, Jazz Man 110
    Frame of Mind, Interplay IP 8612
    Swing Spring, Candid
  • Pat Coil with Lyle Mays:
    Schemes & Dreams, Sheffield Lab 10042-2-F
  • Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra:
    Passages, Sea Breeze 2043
    Ballads, Chase Music
    Refractions, Origin 82413, 2003
  • Miki Coltrane:
    I Think of You, Jowcol Music
  • Joey Sellers:
    Something for Nothing, Nine Winds 13
    Pastels, Ashes, Nine Winds 153
  • Kurt Elling
    Flirting with Twilight, Blue Note Records
  • Steve Houghton
    Manne That's Gershwin, TNC
  • Freespace (The AHA Quintet)
  • Steve Houghton Quintet
    Live at the Top of the Senator, TNC
  • Mark Masters Orchestra:
    Priestess (with Billy Harper), Capri 74031-2
  • Jim Widner Big Band:
    Yesterday and Today, Chase Music 8045
    Body & Soul, Chase Music 8048
    Live, Chase Music 8058
  • New York Confidential Big Band:
  • Tom Garling:
    Campin' Out
  • Don Aliquo:
    Jazz Folk
  • John Nyerges:
    Jazz, Pictures, and Poems
  • Erna Ferry:
    Close Your Eyes
  • Roger Fox's New Zealand Big Band
    Run For Cover
  • Steven Guerra Big Band:
  • Brian Van Arsdale:
    From The Heart
  • Kris Berg
  • Same Time Last Year
  • Carla Helmbrecht:
    One for My Baby, Streetsweeper Music CAH-1
  • Carla Helmbrecht:
    Be Cool, Be Kind
  • Gladys Knight (with the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra):
    Before Me, Verve
  • John Pizzarelli (with the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra):
    Let's Share Christmas
  • Denise Donatelli:
    In The Company Of Friends
  • Jude Swift:
    Common Ground, Nova 9139-2
  • Christoph Luty:
    It's Good to Be Seen, Upright Records
  • Natalie Cole:
    Ask a Woman Who Knows, Impulse Records
  • Ernestine Anderson (with Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra)
    Boogie Down, Concord Jazz 4407
  • Julie Kelly:
    Stories to Tell, Chase Music 8039
  • Suzanne Dean:
    Dreams Come True, Nova 8808-1
    I Wonder, Nova 9028-2
  • Cathy Segal-Garcia:
    Point of View, LSG 001
  • Circle of Power:
    Daddy, Unity Records
  • Bill Cunliffe:
    Porcupine, Sonic Atmosphere 80040
    Look But Don't Touch, Unity Records
    A Rare Connection, Discovery 77007
    Live at Rocco
  • Gary Hobbs Sextet:
    Night Flight to Valhalla, Chase Music 8043
  • Gordon Goodwin Jazz Orchestra:
    Close to the Edge, Nova 8812-4
  • Paolo Nonnis:
    Step on the Gas, USA Records CD-755
  • Dr. John (with the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra):
    Afterglow, G.R.P.
  • Keiko Matsui:
    No Borders, MCA Records
    Night Works, MCA Records
    Cherry Blossom, White Cat Records
  • Akira Jimbo:
    Slow Boat, Optimism
    Penguin Parasol, Tokuma
    Lime Pie, Alta Records
    Panama Man, Unity
  • Les Hooper Big Band:
    Anything Goes, [e]ITI Records D2-72970
  • Harry James Band:
    Still Harry After All These Years, Sheffield Lab 11


  • Clay Jenkins:
    Matters of Time (3 selections), Jazz Compass
    Azure Eyes (7 selections), Jazz Compass
    Yellow Flowers After, Chase
    Give & Gather (5 selections), Kazu Unity Records (1992 release)
    Rings (5 selections), K2B2-2669
  • Kim Richmond/Clay Jenkins:
    Crossweave, Origin Records
    Range (2 selections), Nine Wind: 172
    Look at the Time (3 selections), Chase Music 8055
  • Bill Perkins:
    Frame of Mind (1 selection), Interplay IP 8612
  • Gary Hobbs Sextet:
    Night Flight to Valhalla (1 selection), Chase Music 8043
  • The Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra:
    Shout It Out (1 selection, Yellow Flowers After), Fable Music
  • Steve Houghton Quintet:
    Live at the Top of the Senator (1 selection), TNC